Real Talk: Does Hair Affect Self-Esteem?

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Let’s be totally honest. Your hair is said to be your crowning glory, the item that helps you attract the opposite sex. It’s a part of your strength. We have symbols like Samson, whose hair was his power and those same ideals of hair are reflected today. I do believe that hair affects self-esteem. We are taught that our hair has to look a certain way to fit in and if it doesn’t, you’ll be the odd ball. In high school, we have our first memorable encounters with hair and fitting in. You don’t have the right hair; you don’t have the right friends or social click. From that, you can feel self-conscious and your life and style begins to reflect that low self-esteem. That type of thing follows you into adult hood.

No one knows how confident they can be until they look in the mirror, choose what they want, and defend it against all odds. Personally, I’ve had horrible hair experiences in high school and in college. When I looked in the mirror and cut off my hair I owned up to it. Now, there are people who don’t understand my hair, many in my family, but no matter what they say, I feel good about my hair and who I became when I cut it. My natural hair helped boost my self-esteem, so if I hear someone say, I wish you would get braids or find a way to soften your hair, I smile and say I love it the way it is. Society should not dwell on a person’s hair reflecting their self-esteem; their self-esteem should be reflected in their hair.


I'sha GainesComment