Hot Oil Treatments

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Natural hair enthusiasts all say YES! to applying hot oil treatments to your hair. Your hair is exposed to so many different things that can be affected by the slightest changes in the weather. says this is a great time to start applying treatments because the weather will begin to get colder and your hair will become dryer. This blogger as well as Curly Nikki agrees that the best route to take when doing hot oil treatments is finding a pure oil and creating a treatment for yourself. There are some brands of oil treatments that may work, but to get a full and guaranteed effect, the best oils are pure. gave a list of oils and their uses. Here are some that we find more beneficial: 

- Avocado oil is great for extremely dry and frizzy hair.

- Castor oil helps strengthen weak and brittle hair.

- Jojoba oil is great for sealing in moisture.

- Olive oil is great for protecting your ends.

- Sesame oil is great for shine and luster.

- Coconut oil helps soften the hair.

- Argan oil helps with hair elasticity and finally sweet almond oil helps the cuticles and gives you vitamin E.

Any or all of these oils can be very beneficial to help your hair this Fall. Trying a blend of these pure oils may give you the results you are looking for.


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