Wave Grease on Your Fro?

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

I first heard this idea from a friend who has been wearing a fade for over 2 years now. She was a woman who believed in using Vaseline and water to keep her hair smooth and moisturized. She said she looked in the mirror one day and wanted a little change and wanted to see a more defined look for her big chop and remembered how guys in high school always kept 360-wave grease in their bags. She then started applying the balm and after a week, started to see very deep and beautiful waves form in her hair. With more compliments and a simpler maintenance technique, 360 is her favorite product to use and she recommends all naturalistas try it for their hair.

The best way to apply this grease is after washing your hair. Apply the grease on every part of your chop and use a soft bristled brush to brush your hair forward. Make sure to sleep with a wave cap or head scarf if applying the grease at night. With mini afros or with longer hair, the best approach it to apply small amounts of the grease to sections of your hair. The best brush to use is one with more wiry and spacious bristles. The product can be found at most local hair stores, Walgreens, or can be ordered online at amazon.com

Image Source: www.target.com 

Image Source: www.target.com 

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