Natural Hair Versus Humidity

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

We all have experienced it and hate it! After working on your hair all morning, making it just perfect, you step outside and the humidity causes it to frizz or flatten out. It’s a problem that can be fixed with these few tips.

  1. Keep your hair trimmed: An old rule, but still a good one. The best thing it to clip away the already built up frizz and splits on the ends of your hair, so that styling it can be easier and less likely to frizz further because of the humidity.

  2. Use the right products and shampoos: According to, the best items to use are glossing serums and shampoos that help lock in moisture. Curly Nikki lists a few items that helps protect against humidity, visit

  3. Stay away from humectants: Humectants draw moisture from the atmosphere. These can be products that include glycerin, propylene, and sorbitol. These can cause shrinkage and frizz.

  4. Place in protective style: That is always a go to fix when trying to avoid frizz. By putting your hair in a bun, braids, or twists, you are keeping the humidity from placing that added moisture in your hair. Protective styling also is a guaranteed way for your hair to remain intact from one place to the other.

  5. Wear a scarf or headband: If you’re not up for trying to use holding sprays or you don’t want to keep that protective style in, a good idea is to style it up with a headband or scarf. Wearing your mini fro or big fro with a scarf can provide a lot of contentment when dealing with those humid days.


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