Celebrity Spotlight: Yaya!

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Model/ Actress Yaya got her big break as the natural and spiritual woman on America’s Next Top Model- Cycle 3. Her hair was and is a reflection of her ideals about culture and life. She has continued to be true to herself and her style while becoming more active in Hollywood. Her first movie, Take the Lead, with Antonio Banderas was filmed with her hair placed in individual braids. Having an acting background, Yaya understood what image and reputation meant in the world of acting and that knowledge was shown as she competed to be the top model.

Yaya is a woman who is very proud of her background and has many times expressed her love of her Brazilian heritage. Expressing her happiness with her type 4a/4b she has stated that her hair has always been natural and never was tempted to change it because her hair is who she is. She learned how empowering her hair is for herself and other women like her. She told blogger MsQuiche, “It’s just great because I’ve seen so many curlier, kinky, nappies whatever you want to call it, heads walking down the street now. I grew up in a time when that was not ok.” She is currently preparing for the release of her new movie, The Butler, later this year.

Image Source: tumblr.com 

Image Source: tumblr.com 

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