50-Year-Old Man Hates Natural Hair

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

   I guess I’ll start this opinion piece my stating “my dad hates my hair.” He is a 50-year-old man raised in a small town that hasn’t fully grasped the natural style. He doesn’t understand fully what natural hair means to naturalists. It’s not that he sees it as ugly or unfeminine, he just doesn’t think it’s easy to manage. He has told me he’s never seen it kept properly. My dad’s opinion is the same as many other men whether in their 20s or middle-aged. There has been some who bashed our hair and others who find it beautiful and sexy.

I’ve watched and read many opinions online and found the men who like natural hair most are those who are fellow naturalists or men of a different race. They see our hair as truthful and strong. They look at it as a reflection of our heritage. Those who hate it are guys like my dad who have seen it at a time when there wasn’t as many hair care techniques, those who don’t understand natural hair and those who think natural hair is masculine and unattractive. The men who look at the naturalist as unattractive may always see her as that, but I do know that some men can learn to like and those who already love it, always will.

 Image Source:  urbanbushbabes.com  

Image Source: urbanbushbabes.com 

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