Celebrity Spotlight: Dwele

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Singer/ Songwriter Dwele has used music as his outlet and therapy from a young age. This Grammy Nominated artist started playing music at the age of six and used his Chicago roots along with his love of old school R&B to influence his Neo-Soul style. He expresses himself musically in terms of love, romance, life, and passion. Although he is a heartfelt poet in his songs, he still sees himself as an outspoken and stylish man; not rejecting labels, but placing his mark on a style. One of his most notable styles is his braided hair.

When he began his career in 2000, he wore elaborate braids with various styling patterns and designs. As he matured as an artist, he has gone to a more refined taste, rocking the mini fro. Dwele told hairscapades.com, “I did cornrows forEVER!  I was just ready for a change and that was the next progression for me.  Who knows what’s next.” To maintain his hair, he places it back in his braids as a protective style and moisturizes with Olivia Olive Oil. He believes his hair represents his raw side and is currently is on tour showing of those raw skills. 


Image Source: washingtonpark.org

Image Source: washingtonpark.org

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