LOCs for Kids: Convenient and Unpredictable

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

LOCs are a popular style in culture today and like styles and fashion trends, they sometimes trickle down to the pre-teens. I watched a documentary on natural hair recently and being interviewed was a little girl who wore LOCs. She might have been around the age of 10, but she was very proud that her hair was so different. Although ridiculed by some peers, she still took pride in her natural hair and said, “I love my hair the way it is. It is strong and beautiful.” She said she was proud to be unlike any of her friends.  

Children are beginning to understand more about their natural hair and parents are helping them decide the right styles to wear. Opinions on babycenter.com shows that moms are open to the idea of their children wearing LOCs because it is better for the hair than perming or placing weave in it. The blogger of fromgrandmaskitchen.com says LOCs in a child’s hair can be unpredictable, yet satisfying. She expressed her concerns about the social pressures and attitudes towards this style, but says if done correctly; it can be a healthy hair solution. LOCs are a process and parents must be attentive and prepared for the transitioning period.  LOCs can be a very good compromise to perming if you are still searching for that convenience when managing your child’s hair.

 Image Source:  womennbeauty.com

Image Source: womennbeauty.com

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