7-Year-Old Bailey Loves Her Natural!

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Most parents find it easier to perm their child’s hair at a young age so it can become straighter and easier to handle. One mother, in particular, found perming to be severely damaging to her daughter’s hair. She decided to transition her back to natural. Her first thought was how it will affect her daughter’s self-esteem and how it would it look to others. She decided to ask her daughter Bailey, 7, how she felt about the idea of taking her back to her natural state. Her daughter, seeing examples of strong curly natural hair thought it would be a good idea. The initial plan was for growth and strengthening, so they began.

Kuneta Hurst stopped placing perms and started braiding Bailey’s hair at the beginning of 2013. As her hair grew through the protective style, she moisturized and trimmed her hair between braiding. She continued this cycle until Bailey’s hair no longer had perm in it. After her last cycle of braids, Bailey got to see her hair in a little curly bush. Hurst says she was surprised by her daughter’s reaction. “She looked in the mirror and said ‘mommy I love it,’” she stated. What I love about this transition story is how Kuneta asked her daughter’s opinion of her hair and worked with her to transition. My advice is to ask your children how they feel about their natural hair. They may surprise you!

 Image Source: Kuneta  Hurst , Mother

Image Source: Kuneta Hurst, Mother

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