Celebrity Spotlight: Jaden Smith

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

No stranger to personal style, Jaden Smith has gone through some of the most interesting hair trends. He is currently following after dad Will Smith’s old style and bringing back the high top fade into the spotlight. The difference is Jaden’s high top is a curly type 3 and Will Smith’s was Type 4. As a kid, Jayden’s hair was soundly styled in either a curly bush or braids. As he got older, he began to rock the braids more often adding to his hipster personal style.

In 2012, he took another turn and chopped off his hair then dying it icy blond. Similar to his sister’s attitude, he has created a style that helps him stay true to who he is. He is also a Smith kid who, with his assumed confidence, has gained notoriety as an actor and it has helped him become a trend setter. He just finished promoting his movie, After Earth and is making an appearance on BET’s Rip the Runway. He is currently taking a break and making headlines for his new adolescent relationship with model Kylie Jenner.


Image Source: jamspreader.com 

Image Source: jamspreader.com 

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