Styling Your Kids Natural Hair

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

With styling your child’s natural hair, the best thing to do is moisturize it and place it in protective styles that can last for a week or two. Kids are active; they run and sweat. Something is needed that will keep their hair tamed through all the rough play. Your child’s head isn’t like your head, it’s still growing and developing so you have to be careful about the combs and brushes you use as well as how tight you are applying styles. If you are applying twisting and braids, the best thing to do is to rubber-band hair loosely at the root, then twist or braid from there. You can also do this if you've applied synthetic hair.

A great product that has always proven good for styling is Pink Oil Moisturizer. Other products that have been developed that specifically target kids is Carol’s Daughter. This product is one that has  a line of products that can help with detangling and moisturizing your kid’s hair. You need a good detangler and a good softener because children are more likely to be tenderheaded. The most important thing is to continually care for their hair. It is more likely that a child’s hair can become damaged and weak from no protection and preparation. Take the time to wash, moisturize, and protective style it. Avoid the easy way out.

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