Celebrity Spotlight: Willow Smith

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Known for her bold style, Singer Willow Smith is a young naturalist who has continued to make her mark on Hollywood. Taking her style a step further, she decided to chop off her hair in 2012. That type of choice is rarely made by children of her generation, but Willow (with the support of her parents) took that step in showing the world that she’s not afraid to wear her hair her way. It is said that she is a smaller reflection, in confidence that is, to fellow R&B and Pop singer Rihanna, but Willow is a young woman who understands that in order for the world to understand who you are; you have to be yourself. Many people don’t learn that until they are adults.
Smith has followed in her parents, Will and Jada Smith’s footsteps when it comes to setting your own standards. She is currently setting her standards with her music, a lot of the times creating artistic and colorful videos. Although creative, she has been getting some backlash for her style and music choices. Many feel she is growing up too quickly, but Willow Smith continues to choose a lifestyle she feels suits her ideas and the ideas of her family. Willow Smith has great support and through that she embraced her natural hair and has a confidence you don’t see in many her age and older.

 Willow Smith, Image Source:  dapperq.com  

Willow Smith, Image Source: dapperq.com 

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