The Best Ways to Apply Heat to Hair

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

When applying heat to your hair, the first most important thing is to have clean hair. Make sure your hair is washed with a good moisturizing shampoo as well as with conditioner. The next thing is having a good heat protectant to apply to your hair. According to, a good protectant is one that helps prevent the degradation of the amino acids in your hair. Heat protectants help to coat your hair to prevent your cubicles from breakage and damage. If you are applying heat through a blow dryer, says parting your hair in sections after washing and using a bristled brush is the best way to dry. If you flat iron, also do it in sections and make sure there is enough protectant in each section.

Before applying heat, you must remember that it can cause damage if not done correctly. That damage can be anything from split ends to permanent straightening. Heat damage can cause excess dryness and can alter the texture of your hair.  As a little test, if you’re using a hot comb, if it burns a towel or the counter then it’s too hot and will be too hot for your hair. If you’ve already made the mistake of heat damaging your hair, then the best way to repair the damage is applying deep conditioning treatments, moisturizing with humectants, placing your hair consistently in protective styles, or cutting the damage, according to Your hair is delicate and you must make sure you take all the precautions to prevent damages. Understand the texture of your hair before applying any heat.

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