Curls Products NOW at Wal-Mart

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Wal-Mart will soon follow the lead of conglomerates like Target and Sally’s Beauty Supply introducing the Curls brand to its new lines of already stocked natural hair products. The product launch was held at the beginning of June and was hosted by Jennell, the founder of KinkyCurlyCoilyMe. The event was held in New York City and was filled with naturalists from the hair industry there to celebrate with Curls’ founder and CEO Mahisha Dellinger. Curls, which is known for its curl control paste and cashmere curl jelly, began distribution through Wal-Mart in March and is hoping to see nationwide distribution by the fall.

For bringing a good product to the homes of everyday women, Dellinger has a lot to celebrate. Starting in Elkgrove, California, Curls has become one of the leading natural hair products in the country. According to the website, celebrities like Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, and Blair Underwood have used Curls in their hair regimens. With Wal-Mart, Curls will now have a stronger distribution nationally, contributing to the ultimate goal of Dellinger to reach naturalists all around the world.

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