Celebrity Spotlight: Whoopi Goldberg

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

  Actress Whoopi Goldberg is a naturalist for the record books. She began her career as a naturalist and is still upholding to her style. Her LOCs have become her staple style and she is also recognized all over the world for her LOC’d hair. She never compromised herself for her career and she is a woman who is respected and admired for that. She has spoken about black women’s hair and stated the reasoning behind the straightening is to not conform to standards of beauty, but for its easier management. She said on her show, The View, “It’s less about the larger culture and more about ‘I don’t want to fuss with my hair.”

Goldberg has been one who found her way at managing her hair and through her LOCs has worn many different styles. She is currently wearing her dreads cut into a shorter bobbed style. Her contract as a host on The View has been renewed and will be continuing to voice her opinions on politics, culture, and society. She is also working with Terry McMillan on a new film to premiere later this year on lifetime. She will also be co-starring and rocking a new doo the Ninja Turtles movie to be released in 2014, so watch out for that. 

 Image Source:  thirstyroots.com  

Image Source: thirstyroots.com 

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