Celebrity Spotlight: Corbin Bleu

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Former Disney star Corbin Bleu has chosen his hair as his means of crossing over into “adult” Hollywood. His long curly hair has inspired many male naturalists to blog and follow after his style.  Although known for his large curly fro, in 2012 he got the big chop for a movie role. He told Bet.com, "There is an image that people have of you from what they've seen in your work, and the physical look that they know from you. But I'm 24 years old now, and the challenge is really to get people to see me that way."

 As of now, Bleu is rocking the mini fro. His soft type 3b hair is a combination of his Italian and Jamaican background. He told bet.com how he embraced both heritages, but with movie roles, he considers himself Black. He not only embraces his curls, he also lives a natural and healthy lifestyle while acting and participating in charity organizations targeting kids. Bleu is currently the new cast member on the soap opera, “One Life to Live” and promoting a new movie to be released later this year.

Image Source: fanpop.com 

Image Source: fanpop.com 

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