Protective Styling!

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

  The soundest advice I’ve ever gotten about my hair was, “we as black women can’t just wash and go. We have to put something in it and we have to protect it.” This advice was given to me when I had a perm, but it resonates with me more now that I’m natural. Protective styles should be added to your hair regimen.  It not only protects your hair from breakage, but it also helps to retain moisture.  According to, the protective style not only helps with moisture, but it is needed daily to help with detangling.  The blogger believes this daily regimen has helped with her hair’s growth.

 Daily protective styling may work for her, but for others in may be too excessive. says protecting your ends is very important, but you have to have a balance. The blogger recommends that you change up your style. Wear protective styles for a week, and then wear your hair out for a week.  Whenever you are creating a regimen for your hair, remember that protective styling should be added. That can be anything from braids to twists, even tying it up with hair pins and rubber bands. Protective styles are needed for hair growth and health.

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