ECO Styling Professional Gel

By: The HBN Writer for Delores Hurst

There is buzz around the natural world and it’s over a styling gel. Eco styling gel, according to product reviews, is alcohol free and is used by many professionals for maximum hold.  It lacks the amount of protein that other gel have. Naturalist Stephanie Hollins, 35, was the first to tell me about the gel. After using it, she had defined curls that lasted for a week. She was able to style her hair in different ways because her hair retained hair softness.

The gel has had mixed reviews from bloggers.  They are comparing Eco gel to brands like Miss Jessie’s and Kinky Curly for curl definition. and the writer of expressed that the gel gives their hair too much of a crunch. Others are expressed their love for the gel and how it gives them a good hold and great look. The one thing everyone can agree on is that it doesn’t flake.  The gel seems to be a great product to use for those with softer curls and thinner hair versus those with thicker and coiled hair. The only way to know is to research and try. Here’s a good video to start with

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