Celebrity Spotlight: Amber Riley

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Actress/Singer Amber Riley has always hidden what she considers one of her most beautiful features; her hair. Something unbeknownst to her fans until a revealing episode of Glee, where she showed her natural hair. After the episode aired, she went on her Tumblr and expressed her love for her hair. She said, “I LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR, but at work I would have to put heat on it every day and I don’t wear relaxers to keep it straight.” Because of work, she chose to wear wigs or fake hair sown in for filming and for live performances. Outside the show, she was seen wearing her natural hair in an up-do on the red carpet.

In 2013, Riley decided to take a bold approach to her look and cut her hair into a bob. It is still unknown if she has opted for a perm after being natural most of her life. Although her hair is short and straightened, she still supports and defends naturalists and applauds celebs like Viola Davis and Solange Knowles on their hair and style. She is currently working on her solo album with collaborations from Producer Kirk Franklin. She is also the spokesperson for Fill a Heart, a charity fighting child hunger and is traveling to promote the organization.

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