Questlove and his 8-inch Fro

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

A musician and individualist, Questlove has placed his stamp on music and on style. He’s one of the few men left in Hollywood still rocking the fro. The hair picks he places in his afro has become a staple of his style. Questlove’s hair is as popular as the band he helped create and he has very strict regiment for its care. His 8-inch afro is braided daily for protection while he is off the set of the Jimmy Fallon show. That dedication is also shown to his career. Beginning the practice of music at age 4, Questlove has become one of music’s pioneers; working on his 13th studio album with Elvin Castello.

As a pioneer, he has been asked to become a professor of New York University. His class will teach on classic music albums. He told the Village Voice that music is spiritual for him and it is not something he turns on. This explains why he works 364 days out of the year and is the most sought man in music. Questlove is not only a musician; he is a writer as well. His first book “Mo Better Blues” gives his fans a glimpse into his mind and into his past. The book is currently online and in stores for purchase.

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