Product Feature: Oyin Homemade

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

When we think of homemade soaps or products, often we think of them as thrifty or poorly crafted. It may be the case with some household names, but not with Oyin.  A product created by Jamyla Bennu, a crafty and innovative woman who wanted products that fit her own needs and the needs of others like her. According to her website, she saw that some of her favorite natural products still had petroleum, mineral oil, and other ingredients that were harmful to natural hair. Through research, she took on the task of creating a product that was nourishing for naturalists.

The company officially began in 2001 with a small circle of Bennu’s friends and family. After positive reviews, she began selling at fairs and hair shows. The most popular of Bennu’s products is the Burnt Sugar and Sugar Berries Pomade that bloggers have found to be very great on the hair. The product helps with detangling, moisture, and softness. Another product that has become a popular item is the Grand Poo Bar. It is soap that can be used for the body and as a shampoo. Blogger Ashley Erin says the bar lasts long and is worth a try. For more info, visit the Oyin website at

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