Healthy Hair, Healthier Lifestyle

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Going natural was a spur of the moment decision I made to have some change in my life. I didn’t realize at that moment it would help me develop and grow. I’ve always been nonchalant about my hair and went through so many stages of breakage and damage. When I cut my hair, I became a woman. Not in the sense of age, but in attitude and femininity. I began to take care of my hair and skin more and my self-confidence grew. My hair became a reflection of who I was becoming. Family members didn’t understand my decision, but I knew internally how powerful and beautiful I felt and still feel with my hair being natural.

It not only has given me that sense of pride, it has also given me responsibility and a healthier lifestyle. I’ve realized that I’m the only one who knows what’s best for me and my life is a symbol of how peaceful I feel. Because of my new attitude, I began to eat healthier and exercise more. My hair, to me, shows the world I’m not afraid to stand out or take a risk. It shows the world that I accept who I am and how I was created. My hair is a symbol of my growth, acceptance, and change.

 Chrisette Michele. 

Chrisette Michele. 

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