Blogger Spotlight: Curly Nikki

By Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online is a great go-to website for naturals. Created by author of “Better than Good Hair” Nikki Walton, this blog gives great information on hair care and natural lifestyles. Walton, according to her website, started Curly Nikki in October 2008. She gathered a large following from her consistent postings on With a following of more than 300 people, Walton began her site by posting 30 articles related to natural hair care and her experience. Since then, she has become one of the most viable sources of information.

Through her hair journey, Walton discovered her love of her natural hair and wants to share that with all women. Being a psychotherapist, she wants her blog to empower women to feel beautiful however their hair is and feel comfortable with being natural. This was a lesson she learned from her husband. Being her boyfriend at the time, he told her she needed to be happy with her hair and she agreed. Walton, like most, became a researcher. But unlike some, she took that information and those resources, developed a brand for herself, and has been given success with your everyday naturals.

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