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Abenaa and Jamal Timazee have become a dynamic duo by embracing being natural and unique. The married couple has taken Philadelphia by storm with 20 years in the hair industry for Abenaa and 25 years for Jamal, they know how to keep and run a successful business while expanding the clientele which includes celebrities.

            Abenaa and Jamal have had Brownstone Natural Hair and Barber Studio for 11 years. They say their success comes from great customer service and passion.

            “Customer service to me is more important than anything. Give excellent customer service first then everything else will fall into place,” Abenaa said.

            “Customer service is a major part. That is something that lacks in the black community, it’s all about concept. Go that extra mile to make your clients feel special,” replied Jamal.

“I met Michael McCray at a club. I gave him a business card told him who I was and said I would do everything for free. He showed up! He was very impressed. This opened up so many doors and I was asked to go on tour with them,” Jamal said.

            Jamal did numerous tours with the group Boyz II Men, worked with Jamie Foxx, Johnny Gill and did the movie Soul Food just to name a few.

            Abenaa has worked with numerous celebrities as well from Joe Torry, Boyz II Men member Shawn Stockman and Jill Scott, right when she was introducing herself to the world. Through word of mouth Scott heard about the studio Brownstone Natural Hair and Barber and was looking for a stylist for her first album.

            “We had a really good repertoire with each other. She then approached me about doing her photo shoot for her first album. I was on tour with her and did her makeup. That was a big opportunity for me,” Abenaa said.

            Abenaa explained that a lot of her clients come from word of mouth.

“I think that is the biggest compliment when a client recommends you,” Abenaa said.

            Abenaa made sure that she received knowledge on all types of hair and learned the hair industry before she stepped out on her own.

“Knowledge is power. When learning different textures you have to learn how to manipulate the hair. Hair is hair the only difference is the texture,” Abenaa said.

“My grandfather was a barber, my mother was a hair stylist for 30 plus years and I married a barber. We learned from one other.” Abenaa explained on working with her husband.

“We stay consistent. We determined the roles, strengths with each other,” Abenaa said.

Abenaa and Jamal informed the public on what to do to become a successful stylist and barber with a few tips. Have professional photographs of hairstyles, create a biography of personal and technical strengths and even volunteer your skills, but ask to be credited.

“Set yourself up with a package, invest in yourself,” Jamal said.

 “It’s not about payment it’s about passion. Read the information it is out there. Be under a stylist for many years. I was under my mother for nine years before I opened up my own salon. It was important for me to be able to be with someone who already had the knowledge and experience. Be underneath someone who is going to groom you, teach you from finances to scheduling. There is a lot of different concepts to being a hair stylist.” Abenaa said.

Abenaa stressed on not mixing personal social media life with business. Keep Instagram professional and save the personal under a different name.

“That’s not a way to promote on a professional way. It can be a tool but do not make yourself look foolish,” Abenaa said.  

Abenaa and Jamal are very excited to know that natural hair is growing and people understand the meaning of going natural.

 “It’s part of who we are. It’s a great journey to see people evolve and wear their kinky, curly natural hair.” Abenaa explained.

Excited about how natural hair is a movement Jamal replied with, “It’s about time!”

Abenaa and Jamal have a new product line called Feng Shui Organics that was decided due to Abenaa wanting to make sure her clients hair was healthy. The seven-year hair line products are made every three to seven days and with natural ingredients. There are numerous products for the hair and skin.

“We aren’t a styling salon we are hair care. You have to focus on healthy hair first then styling,” Abenaa said.

To get more information on the products visit fengshuiorganics.com

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Jamal & Abenaa (Celebrity Stylists)

Jamal & Abenaa (Celebrity Stylists)

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