Celeb spotlight- Janelle Monáe

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Singer Janelle Monáe is a woman marching to her own Hip-Hop beat. At one time compared to Prince, Monáe has placed her own spin on Pop and Hip-Hop. She is fiery and her energy on stage is noteworthy. That spirit as an artist is also shown through her style.  Starting her career as a natural, Janelle Monae has put a stamp on natural hair with her twist and hump updo. Her type 4 hair style ties in well with her signature tuxedo look that is recognized in the industry.

Monáe is an avid believer in finding your own style, telling Glamour Magazine that she does her own hair. “I don’t want anyone on shoots or video sets to know how to re-create it. I want the next generation of girls to feel empowered to cultivate their own style and know that they don’t have to be conformists,” she said. Monae is now a Cover Girl, being featured in ads in 2012. She is currently teaming up with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for a performance on Monday, May 20th and has released a new single featuring fellow singer and natural, Erykah Badu. For more information visit jmonae.com 

Image Source: Internet Photo

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