5 Ways to Twist Your Natural Hair

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

1.       Flat Twists. These are usually the first twists women learn to do in middle school and high school. It’s the originators of the twist style. The style is applied by parting the hair to form a rectangular patch of hair. From the patch, you twist to the left or the right; making sure to follow through until the end of your part. This is a good style for a quick on the go look and with maintenance can last for about a week. It works for shorter natural hair as well as long.

2.      Senegalese twists to the scalp. Twists that last a little longer than flat twist; these weren’t introduced to me personally until I was in college. These twists are great if you have a little more time to style your hair. They can create many dynamic looks and styles. These are a bit harder to do, so my advice is to watch videos on this method. The style holds better with length and can last with proper care.

3.       Senegalese twists. These twists were brought to my attention in high school, but at that time, we called them “fake locs”. It has become a very popular style with or without hair extensions. This is a good style for natural hair that has gained some length. It helps with growth and is a style that can hold for two weeks with natural hair and a month with extensions. It’s a simple, yet time consuming style- but it is worth it. It can help create another twist style; the twist out.

4. The twist out. A cute style for short and long hair; it gives you a flirty softness with your natural hair. The twist out is a style that if done correctly can give you a natural, blown-out look. You can diversify this look by wearing headbands, scarves or bows in your hair.  It’s not as structured as other twist styles. This is a style that is also great for a quick look after you’ve worn you twists for a while.

5. Spiral twist/locs. Great twist style for natural beginners. They are simple twists that only take a little parting and twirling of the fingers to do. These twists can easily cause your hair to lock so use a moisturizer instead of a holding product when twisting. With proper maintenance this style can last a week before needing a touch up.

Image Source: blackgirllonghair.com

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