Let's Talk Hair Porosity!

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

If you’re constantly questioning why you never have enough moisture in your hair or why you hair instantly dries after you wash, the answer may be you have high porosity hair. According to naturally curly.com, porosity refers to how well hair holds moisture. Your hair is easily testable; just do the water trick that naturallycurly.com recommends. The test consists of you taking a few strands of hair and placing them in a bowl of water for 2-4 minutes. If the hair sinks, it has high porosity, but if it floats it has low porosity. Porous hair can be a serious problem for women who are natural. Our hair needs a lot of moisture for growth and nutrition. High porosity can cause breakage and soak up the moisture needed for growth.

According to blackgirllonghair.com, products with Shea butter, olive, and cupuacu butter are great for porous hair. Continuing to use these products and moisturizing daily can help decrease the breakage that may come with porous hair. Layering these products like applying the leave-in conditioner first, then following with a good moisturizer, and finally using a sealer like coconut oil holding spray by Cantu, will help your hair hold the moisture. If you want to learn more about other porosity levels and good products to use visit naturallycurly.com

Image Source: hairfinder.com

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