Business profile: Miss Jessie’s Hair Products

By: Delores Hurst, HBN Writer for Online

A business stemming from the essence of a grandmother, Miss Jessie’s has become a successful natural-product business. It was founded in 1997 by sisters Miko and Titi who are professional hair stylists in New York. Having an African American and Asian background, the sisters said they had to learn their hair on their own because salons were not tailored to them. Because of that background, they became very popular in the natural hair world and in 2004, they were able to introduce their Miss Jessie’s products.  They created their business with the mission of taking care of curly hair.

Miss Jessie was a strong woman who believed that anything could be fixed in the kitchen. According to the Miss Jessie’s website, she gave advice on two things- good food and good grooming. From these ideals, Miko and Titi developed their products to fit their style and would make their grandmother proud. They presented Curly Pudding, Curly Buttercream, and Curly Meringue to a market that needed innovative products and have continued to be innovators with their food reflecting products. If you would like to try Miss Jessie’s products visit:

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