Celebrity Spotlight: Kimberly Elise

By: Delores Hurst, HBN Writer for Online

Kimberly Elise, who became natural in 2000, is no stranger to the natural scene, but she is somewhat of a new newbie because of her 2010 hair fiasco. Wanting to try something different, she tried keratin- something she thought would be temporary that could be washed out- but it wasn’t; her hair was permanently straight. She told curlynikki.com that she began to braid her hair to let it grow out and in 2012, she cut off six inches of keratin-treated hair, getting her curls back.  

Elise is an actress known for her diversity and humility. She has gained her success by staying true to her sweet reputation. She admitted that although she’s been natural, she never knew how to really take care of her hair until she gained her curls back. She took advice from websites like curlynikki.com- calling these natural info sites universities. “It’s very empowering because you really are in your own little world trying to figure it [your hair] out, and to see this whole community of support and education and sharing information, it was refreshing,” she said.

 Elise - Image Source: Curly NIkki.com

Kimberly Elise - Image Source: Curly NIkki.com

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