5 Reasons To Go Natural

By: Delores Hurst, HBN Writer for Online

  1. Damaging effects of relaxers. Relaxers were created with the idea that it would help the black woman’s hair, however, relaxers have effects that are hurting black hair more than helping. Relaxers dry out the hair, cause thinning, and split ends. Long term usage of relaxers can cause permanent damage to the scalp, including, balding and permanent scalp damage from the chemical burns.
  2. Too much heat. When your hair is straight, there is a need to keep it straight. We begin to find other ways to keep our hair straight and silky without having to relax the hair constantly. So we turn to curling irons and flat irons for a quick fix. Too much heat on hair can cause breakage and damage. Being natural gives you more styles to work with without having to continue to straighten your hair.
  3. Stronger hair. Your hair becomes stronger with natural hair. Because your hair isn’t being chemically altered, burned, or heated by straightening products, it grows in its natural state, without hindrances. This gives your hair the ability to grow longer and stronger. After going natural, I have seen my hair go from constant damage to consistent growth.
  4. A sense of freedom and culture.  Let’s be honest, cutting your hair or growing it out natural in some way makes you feel more connected to your culture and heritage. Not saying that going natural makes you blacker, but it does give you a liberated and unique feeling like, in some way, you are still connected to your African roots.
  5. A growing sense of responsibility. Personally, after going natural, I became more responsible about my hair. When I had a relaxer, I never did my hair and I didn’t care about it, but going natural forced me to take the initiative, get in the mirror every day and make sure my hair is growing and developing the way I want. I had to research and find what the best ways to do my hair and I have become better for it.

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YaYa from America's Next Top Model

YaYa from America's Next Top Model

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