Working with Cowlick and Widow’s Peak

By: Delores Hurst, HBN Writer for Online

It’s sometimes hard for people with a cowlick or widow’s peak to discover what styles work for them. It can be a very unnerving process to learn about your hair and what you can do with it. A person with a cowlick  has a section of hair that sticks out or lies at an angle away from the style in which the rest of that person’s hair is worn. A widow’s peak is a V-shaped point in the hairline in the center of the forehead. Styles like front bangs or parting in the middle don’t always work. With relaxers, cowlicks can become very thin and break easily. Through going natural, cowlick can be thicker and longer. Here are some styles that may make working with cowlick and widow’s peak easier.

1. Using gel or other holding products - Use natural hair gel like Eco Styler to hold down the sides of your hair or to make the different textured hair blend in with the rest of your hair.

2. Utilizing headbands, scarves, hair wraps are genius! - These products work for however you wear your hair. Whether it's twisted or loose, headbands help hold down the cowlick and sometimes hides hair that they may be thinning.  

3. Wearing your hair in braids or twists - Putting twists and braids in your hair gives you the opportunity to try out styles that you usually can not do with your own natural hair. The extensions give your hair break and gives you a little variety if your hair is not at your desired length. 

4. Wearing Faux Hawks - It’s a style that works because you have the freedom to style your hair away from your face and you can blend in your problem areas with the rest of your hair better.

5. Rocking a Pompadour - Wearing this style in the front and pinning both sides of your hair down can add a little flare to your mini fro or twist out.

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