India Arie: The Songbird Returns!

By: Delores Hurst, HBN Writer for Online

Beautiful, soulful, spiritual, inspiring - these words describe India Arie. She is known as the woman who never compromised for Hollywood or took on that Hollywood image. India Arie, despite her success, stayed true to who she was. Her hair, which is a natural type 4, has been styled in so many different ways from bald to loc'd. She is an artist whose fashion and style reflect her spirituality and her music- expressing how she stays true to herself in her hit “I Am Not My Hair.”

With her hair currently  loc'd, she is bringing in the spring with a new hit called Cocoa Butter. Her style for this single has changed, but still reflects her “Mother Earth” persona. She is bolder with her style, but she is still the India her fans love. Her music still reflects her love for her lifestyle and her description of the love she wants to feel from a man. Cocoa Butter is a song that relates the Black Aesthetic and her album most likely will reflect that as well. Her album is set to release on June 25th.

Listen to the Cocoa Butter single, released by India Arie

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