Celebrity Spotlight: Jill Scott

By: Delores Hurst, HBN Writer for Online

Singer/Actress Jill Scott is a true talent. Her ability to capture an audience with her music or evoke emotion with her acting has put her in the spotlight. Not only is she recognized by her talent, she is known for her style, grace and her hair. Jill Scott has always been a natural in Hollywood and has been natural for over 20 years.  Always rocking her natural type 4 hair, she has been an honest and true naturalist with her lifestyle. Scott has said, “I wasn’t trying to be a spokesperson of natural hair. I just like my hair. I like the way it looks. I like the way it feels. I see my parents in my hair.”

The Grammy winner took a turn from her normal style in 2010 when she got a relaxer to straighten her hair, but in 2012 she decided she’d ditch the perm and get back to her roots with doing a big chop, which has become somewhat of a trend in the past year.  With her hair cut, she demanded via Twitter that Essence magazine do her cover with her hair natural. Essence magazine followed those demands and she rocked their cover with her gorgeous fade.  She has always taken on Hollywood in her own way and put a stamp on style like a true diva.

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 Jill Scott

Jill Scott

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