Celebrity Spotlight: Raven Symone

By: Delores Hurst, HBN Online Writer

Although she is known for her acting, Raven Symone has been hitting the scenes in the past few years talking about her hair. Her honesty about her hair started in 2009 when she was featured on Chris Rock’s Good Hair documentary explaining how black women view hair and weaves. Raven-Symone stated that she was natural, but always wore weaves because it was easier and more accepted in Hollywood. She told Curly Nikki.com, “I don’t feel like the person that people see on TV when I rock my natural hair. And it’s not that I don’t love it, I so love it! I wear it out a lot. It’s really mine, mine, and mines alone.” Soon after the documentary, Symone began to wear her natural hair more frequently.

Symone is someone known for the fashion sense. Her 3A grade hair adds to some of her most gorgeous looks. She has always found new and creative, sometimes daring ways to wear her hair. Many people don’t realize that she was the first celebrity to partially shave her head - a style that has now been worn by Singers Cassie and Rihanna. Symone has always shared honest feelings about her hair and how she loves it in its natural state!

 Raven Symone, Natural Hair

Raven Symone, Natural Hair

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