Real Talk: How Much Color is Too Much?

By; Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

It is always important to be careful when placing a dye on your hair and knowing the precautions when using multiple colors, but let us look at ways and describe the best ways to take care of that color you love.

1.     Do not wash too often. You should wait at least 48 hours after dying your hair to wash it. Don’t wash it too often because it can cause your color to fade.

2.     Wear a hat. Wearing a hat is always a good idea when protecting your hair from weather, but it is also a good method for protecting your color as well.

3.     Red fades faster. Everyone at some point wants to go red, but keep in mind that dying your hair this color will need a lot more maintenance and re-dying.

4.     Use the right shampoo and conditioner. The best shampoos are those with color protectors and the best conditioners are those with a lot of moisturizer in it. The combination of good products will help lock in your color.

5.      When washing, the best water to use is cool. Water that is too hot or warm will cause fading and possible wash out.

6.     Avoid the pool. Chlorine is the enemy of dyed hair. If you can, avoid them, but if you must swim, place a good amount of that moisturizing conditioner in your hair and wear a good and tight swim cap.

7.     Re-dye often. There is no denying that with dying comes the touch ups. Make sure to keep you color looking fresh, but be cautious as to how often you are coloring your hair. The safest way is to touch up every two to three weeks or whatever your stylist suggests.


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