Real Talk: Over Styling

By: Delores Hurst, Online Writer

Over-styling can be very harmful to your hair. You have to understand your hair and how much it can take. People really miss the mark when they think it’s ok to continually place braids or two-strand twists in without a rest period. When I was a freshman in college, I was one of those people. I consistently wore micro braids. After three months of having them in, I would take them out, wash my hair and place them back in again the same day. My hair is very sensitive and because my process my hair was falling (especially around my sides). Because my hair was already thin from a perm, I realized the braids were making it worse. I stopped wearing micro braids and worked on my hair’s health.

The best thing to do for styling and protective styling is to take a break in between the tuck of war your hair has to go through. If you wear micro braids or sew in weave for three months, let your hair have a rest period for at least a month before applying the style again. If you are wearing box braids or extended twists for a month or two, give your head a 2-week rest period. If you are wearing simple protective styles, the best thing is to allow a few days of rest before placing another in. You also have to be cautious of the amount of time you are wearing these styles. Never wear a style over the recommended amount of time just because you think your hair can manage another month. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it isn’t straining your hair. Just be smart about your hair choices.

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