Real Talk: What's the Most Expensive Product You've Bought?

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Real Talk: Are you over spending on your hair?

Money is a very serious matter. Over spending on things can be a complete waste and hassle for your personal finances. You may think spending a large amount of money on your hair is a part of your lifestyle and is working well within your budget, but spending out of necessity is different from spending out of addiction or want. You don’t think it but trying to keep up with the latest hair trends and products can just a quickly drain your pockets as getting the latest gadgets. Here are a few ways to recognize you’re overspending on hair.

1.     You have products you aren’t using. When there are more products in your cabinet than what is going on your head and you’re still buying, it is likely you are spending more money than you need to. Use the products that you have or find one that you love and stick to it. Don’t buy something just to use it once. If you want to try something new, use a sample before purchasing.

2.     You’re always budgeting to buy new products. You make your monthly budget and everything balances out, but you see a new product and decide to change how you will pay your bills this month just to buy that product. That is a sure fire way to mismanage your money and your bills. The best thing is to say no to that product and use that money wisely.

3.     You take money from other accounts to purchase products. Your savings account is just beginning to grow and you decide to take some money out to re-braid your hair or buy a new weave. If you do this, you will never have an established savings account. If it’s not in your budget, you should say no.

4.     You’re buying products based on name. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes people make when buying. Just because it’s considered a name brand, doesn’t mean the product is right for you. You shouldn’t be buying weave or products based on that. You should compare products and buy within your means.

5.     You are buying products to brag to peers. The worst thing is buying to brag. You’re wasting time, energy and money doing that. You most likely are not using these products and have them just to say you have them. Natural hair products are expensive and just throwing money at them may cause a strain in your pocket.

The best approaches to spending money on hair is to make sure it’s within your budget, spend for the need and not the want, cut back the excessive maintenance,  and discipline your pockets.


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