By: Delores Hurst the HBN Writer for Online

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of jokes on Instagram and Twitter about light skin versus dark skin. This “battle” has been going on in the black community for so long, but instead of being a secret discrimination among our people, it has become public. There are positives and negatives to that. The only positive is it isn’t silent anymore. People are addressing it and it’s creating some debate about changing the mentality of the African American community. The negatives are that it’s still out there and now it has become a joke. It’s starting to create that hater mentality and creating a standard of beauty outside of society’s standard. That’s crazy!!

It has taken on the form similar to how the N word has become comfortable. We are making it convenient for our community to separate based on skin color. It’s taking the no factor out of the issue. We can’t become too comfortable creating hash tags or jokes saying team dark skin or team light skin. It’s making it easier for the black community to divide and the eventual outcome is the thought that it is right. That’s a pretty grim way to think about it, but look at the N word and how it has gone from derogatory to glorifying. Other races are beginning to use it as if it were just a word. It has gone from being seen as wrong to being ok or right in some communities. It’s time to stop the division and as a community we need to stop the “hater” mentality and strengthen our encouragement.


Image Source: whatyouallow.com

Image Source: whatyouallow.com

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