Real Talk: Understand hair THEN transition!

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer Online

Going natural is a tough process. You have to be able to handle managing your hair, the social implications, the personal changes, and the comments from those close to you. A lot of people find they are unhappy about being natural and decide to give up on it. They assume that if they go natural, their hair will automatically be curly and bouncy. They also assume that going natural is just a change and it won’t affect their lifestyle or create social pressure. Again, they are wrong. Before you go natural, you have to take into account everything that comes with being natural.

1.     Just because celebrities have curly hair or your friends doesn’t mean you will.  Our hair comes in different kinds of textures from kinky to coily to curly. Find out your hair type and research the ways to take care of it, products to use, and how to help it grow. It is sometimes harder for one type of hair to grow.

2.     Understand that there are stereotypes associated with being natural. A lot of those stereotypes are from ignorance. You have to understand that socially people aren’t aware of African American hair and many will have questions. Some won’t like it, but the positive is naturalists have this unspoken connection that others don’t understand.

3.     People close to you may not like your hair. You may get comments from family members about straightening your hair or about finding a better way to fix it. You have to be ready to accept that to you it is beautiful. You have to love your hair and feel good about it in order to take comments and keep moving forward.

4.     Realize that going natural will change some part of you. It may open your eyes to a more natural lifestyle. It may open your eyes to your heritage and history. It may help you budget for products or look into ways to create your own products. Going natural can give you a sense of freedom and you have to be able to handle the change.

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