Hair: Box Braids!

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online 

It is that time of year again; to ditch the mini fro and add a few extra extensions that may help keep you warm. It’s braid season! And unlike in the summer, wearing the style won’t cause your head to take on extra heat or discomfort. This year’s trending braid style is the thick and long box braid often seen in the 90’s. The style is very chic for those of us who like to feel like they just stepped out of Poetic Justice and want to turn a few heads. I’m on the bandwagon and the cold still hasn’t hit the south just yet. The style is classic and it’ll help keep your hair protected and lock in the moisture as the weather changes.

The best approaches to getting box braids are first having a clean and moisturized head. Make sure to place just enough of your product in to make it easier to apply the braids and enough to make sure your braids are moisturized for a few days. Another tip is wearing the right type of hair and continuing to moisturize your scalp while the braids are in. The type of hair I like to use is synthetic. A lot of people wouldn’t use this type of hair, but I like it because it’s a good price and it holds my hair well. Finally, I would say part your hair thick enough so when you are removing the braids, it won’t cause too much breakage. Find out what style you like and rock your braids this season.


box braids: Pinterest

box braids: Pinterest

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