Celebrity Spotlight: Andre 3000

By: Delores Hurst, The HBN Writer for Online

Always a conveyer of style, Andre 3000 has tailored his brand around his unique fashion sense. A lot of his style developed after his first album with the group Outkast. As the duo gained popularity, Andre was able to express himself as an individual. A part of that was with his hair. With observance, you can see that Andre began o grow out his hair and change his style in Outkast’s second album, ATLiens. He became a fro bro showing off his natural type four hair. From then on, Andre’s hair and style progressed and became tailored to the artist he is.

Andre 3000 is considered one of the best-dressed men in Hollywood and with good reason. His style is a combination of urban, preppy, the 60s, and traditional southerner. He was able to create looks that showed off his personality and showed off how he contributed as a rapper. Because his style is so profound, he was chosen to portray Jimi Hendrix in a movie set out to premiere next year. He is also one of the most wanted MCs and lyricists in music because he is so diversified. Andre 3000 is a fro bro making a mark on style in music and in fashion.

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