What It's Like to Be a Model with Natural Hair at Fashion Week

It was New York Fashion Week, and Brandee Brown was just beginning her runway career. (You may now know her as an NYC It Girl, and a former campaign model for DKNY.) She arrived at her call time for her second show of the season, and it was a typical scene. Two hairstylists immediately got to work on her. The style was "wet look," and the pros began deliberating.

"They started picking at my hair like little monkeys, lifting it up and examining it like it was out of this world," Brandee says with a laugh. It's worth noting that Brandee, who normally wears her hair curly, had just received a blowout for a runway appearance the previous day.

After some discussion, one of the stylists grabbed a spray bottle and pointed it at Brandee's head. "It’s going to curl up if you do that," she warned. But, he didn't listen, and began to drench her hair. "After that, I just zoned out."

Story and Photo from: http://www.racked.com

Link: http://www.racked.com/2015/2/19/8066643/natural-hair-brandee-brown-fashion-week

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