Afro-Brazilians Use Carnival Event to Promote Natural Hair

In the run up to Carnival, it’s common to hold smaller pre-Carnival parties and parades. These events can have different themes, and a group of Afro-Brazilians chose natural hair as their parade theme. The results are pretty incredible. From

The “curl power” parade was one of more than 100 street celebrations held in Rio ahead of Friday’s official start of Carnival, where street celebration themes can range from the playful to the more serious, touching on the country’s social or political issues.

The curl empowerment parade was sponsored by a Brazilian beauty salon chain. “We are telling women that they can leave their hair the way it naturally is, and feel confident and pretty, without denying their identity,” Leila Velez, a partner in the Natural Beauty salon told The Associated Press.

Velez said the salon wants to chip away at the perception that black women are more attractive if they straighten their hair.

Natural Beauty promoted the parade with the slogan: “If your hair is curly, no need to cry. Come relax with the curly-haired women!”

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