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 Keke Palmer made Broadway history last night as she performed the

leading role in Roger & Hammerstein's, Cinderella. We reported that Palmer was selected for the role but what we didn't give you was the inside scoop on Palmers legendary process.

Palmer auditioned for the role and blew the producers away. "She just came in and read the lines and the way she sang, she had us. Instantly. " head producers say. Palmer was asked about the feeling that she had upon receiving the news. Palmer says," I can't really describe it. It was kind of like, THIS IS CRAZY GIRL!" Palmer never thought she would get this role however, she also admits that she never thought that she could be an actress as well and her 2006 breakout movie "Akilah & the Bee" proved that dreams really do come true.

Palmers debut was a knockout performance and she embodied Cinderella in a way that didn't depend on black or white. Just sheer talent. Palmer wants young black girls to know, "Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean that it can't happen."

Palmer on Broadway now! Spend your holidays in the city that never sleeps, making all of your dreams come true.


Jaime "Alea Jay" Jacobs

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