Viola Plays Again

*From ABC Studios and Shondaland comes a new television drama starring Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis. Davis shocked and rocked the natural hair community when she attended a red carpet awards show with her chic TWA! Since that moment Davis has opened up both on screen and off with her amazing talents. Davis is a veteran in Hollywood and even had a standing role on the syndicated show Law & Order. * *Her newest show is centered on a school of law students and their professor played by Davis. The show is titled How to Get Away with Murder. says, “Legal thriller How To Get Away with Murder, written by Peter Nowalk, produced by Shonda Rhimes and starring Viola Davis, has been a clear frontrunner on the drama side from the start.” Shonda is making it a point to address the lack of darkness in leading roles on sitcoms today. Her choice of Kerry Washington and then the powerhouse actress Viola Davis is a complete sign that there is more on the horizon for Rhimes and these Oscar nominated actresses. Viola gave a spellbinding performance as James Browns mother in the number one film “Get on Up” alongside her costar Chadwick Boseman. You can also find Davis in “The Help” which also won many awards and became the number one movie in the country. *