Dance Sister Dance

By: Alea J., Curl News Correspondent

Not only are we breaking barriers on the small screen as actors and actress, but we are also becoming the men and women behind your favorite films. We recently met the cast behind Brown Ballerina, a film created by Chassidy Jade. She’s an editor, filmmaker and rocks a “fly ass fro”!

Chassidy Jade just released her first solo project titled, Brown Ballerina. The short film is a powerful, dynamic depiction of the struggles and hardships of brown dancers. The film starred Terri played by MaryAnn Payne, a brown dancer who has enough passion for any dancer of any race but isn’t given the opportunity to blossom just because of what it means to be Brown in the arts. From weight challenges, inappropriate advances, unfair treatment and emotional abuse Terri continues to fight for what her heart desires. This is to dance.

Follow Chassidy Jade and Brown Ballerina @crownmeroyalxo and @brownballerina for updates on the short film and to find out where you can see the film again. Did you miss the opener? Tell Brown Ballerina that you’re interested in another viewing. Let’s get Brown Ballerina to the big screen! Do you know a Brown Ballerina? Share this message and remind them to harvest the importance of their passions.

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