The I AM MY HAIR Campaign

Hairspiration and hair love are a valuable tool for all women. Aside from style inspiration seeing other womens hair encourages us to treat our own hair with the utmost care it teaches us to see the beauty in our own hair as well. Janae Raquel of I AM MY HAIR Campaign has added a few fresh ideas to the production of her blog and awareness journey and we want to share these great happenings with the HoneyBeNatural family! Janae has been extremely busy. She was recently named the official media partner of #CurlFest which is phenomenal news and along with this discovery Janae is taking I AM MY HAIR Campaign on tour! Thus far the blog will be touring in New York, Phillidelphia, WashingtonD.C, Los Angeles, and San Francisco with the potential for more cities to come very soon!  The tour will consist of  picnics, brunches, and taping for the blog.Follow @Janae_Raquel on Instagram for more inspiration and to stay updated on all the great thing happening that you can be involved in!

A Message from the Founder: We encourage our audience to embrace, accept, and most importantly wear their hair!

The I Am My Hair Campaign was designed to bring hair together as a culture no matter what the style or texture may be. Hair compliments personality and style, why not bring them together and share that light with the world one head at a time!

I am My Hair Blog channels hairspiration, advice, encouragement, and allows users to experience and explore different products and looks.

Join the party by a simple hash tag, #IAMHBlog on your latest hair related Tweets, Instagram uploads, and Facebook conversations!



@Janae_Raquel (Founder & Creative Brand Strategist)


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