Darrius Peace: Episode 2 Protective Styling

Darrius Peace and Love Publicity have just released the second video of their new series on July 24th, 2014. We brought you the details of episode 1, but just in time for a scorching summer and a chill fall, Darius breaks down protective styling. In this new episode Darrius explains the pros and cons of certain styles, choosing options that best protect your natural strands as well as pointers on how to keep your protective style looking great and providing the best protection. Darrius says, “I want women to showcase their natural hair in the most beautiful way so other women who are considering transitioning will feel comfortable making the decision" Remember to catch each and every episode on the Love Publicity channel at YouTube.com. See more tips by Darrius Peace by visiting him on Myhairaintnappy.com, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Where else can you get vital, professional information for free and from a licensed and practicing stylist of over 14 years? Subscribe to Love Publicity to begin making a “masterPeace” of your own.