My Hair Aint Nappy (Darius Peace)

By: Alea J., Curl News Correspondent

In our last issue Darrius Peace, master natural hair stylist and 14-year veteran hair care professional was featured as “The Man” behind natural hair. In an interview conducted with Darrius we discovered that we have an advocate and a support system from our men of color when it pertains to our natural texture. Darrius “Master” Peace is the author of “My Hair Aint Nappy” a complete guide to women coping with having natural hair and the techniques that they can utilize to have a successful growing experience.

From previous interviews, proof of his work and the excitement from his clients, it's obvious that Darrius is bringing a new quality to ‘going natural’. One of his best traits is providing education through his books, and now through his new video series featured on the Love Publicity YouTube Channel. Your natural hair questions will be answered and Darrius teaches you how to manage your hair throughout the year with the best techniques and the best practices. What drives the natural hair meetups, events, products and literature are questions! How do I grow my hair longer? How do I get my curls to last? How do I practice healthy scalp treatments? Most importantly how do I get the best results without spending money that I don’t have to invest in my hair?

Darrius says, "I want women to showcase their natural hair in the most beautiful way so other women who are considering transitioning could feel comfortable making the decision". "I also want to diminish the stereotypes and stigmas associated with natural hair looking unkept, unruly, and unpolished."

The series began on July 10th, 2014 and the first episode is already up and running with quality information from a licensed PROFESSIONAL! Check out Love Publicitys YouTube Channel and get the best tips from a veteran in the hair care game!  See more tips by Darrius Peace by visiting him on, Facebook,Instagram, and Twitter.

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