CWK Straightening Plates!

The education of natural hair has elevated our outlooks on what "it" is and what "it" does. Just 5 short years ago our knowledge of the natural way was still unfolding. We've rapidly evolved into a powerhouse that not only boasts creativity but versatility.  Natural hair in my opinion is the most versatile!  In the past few months we've reported the details of several companies who have developed straightening techniques. Most of these products are directed towards naturals who crave the "straight" look. Well if you ask me, we're already straight, however it's important to embrace the versatility and utilize the resources that we have. Naturally. 

Are you a CWK girl? CWK is a patent pending company that developed a great new way to achieve a flat ironed look with just one of their no heat straightening plates. Kelechi Bradley; the inventor, is encouraging all naturals to check out the demonstrations on her YouTube channel! This product speaks for itself! Follow the progress of this fabulous, lightweight,  and totally cute new product on Intagram! Kelechi can be contacted @cwk_girls.  Show your support for this product. Just think of a time when our hair wasn't catered to. When products were knowingly harmful and hazardous.  Help the natural hair community continue to thrive by joining their kickstart campaign! It's much more than a movement ladies. It's innovation.  Take charge!

I'sha GainesComment